Peace Of Mind

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Caring for our families has become harder and harder. Over the past few decades, our responsibilities have grown from caring for our children and spouse to caring for our aging relatives. The challenges of caring for our children and spouses plus our parents, brothers, sisters, aunts or uncles can be overwhelming. However, proper legal planning and guidance can reduce these challenges so they don't become overwhelming.

As an attorney, I focus on providing counsel on long-term life, disability, and estate planning to clients of all ages. My counsel helps to assure the welfare of my clients and their minor and adult children. I focus on maximizing the independence of aging clients and minimizing the impact of their needs on families.

Located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, I provide legal strategies and the tools to maximize a client's independence throughout their life. Such tools include life, disability, long-term-care, and estate planning strategies and tools such as long-term care insurance, durable powers of attorney, wills and revocable trusts, special needs trusts, medicaid compliant annuities and personal care contracts.

I help spouses and families deal with the heartbreak of placing a loved one in a Nursing Home by providing compassionate assistance in applying for long-term care insurance benefits and Medicaid nursing home benefits. Simple tasks can become overwhelming, while looking after a sick spouse, so having a professional office to obtain the five years of financial documentation required by Medicaid and to maximize the amount that the healthy spouse will have to live can make the difference between poverty and having enough funds for the healthy spouse to live independently as possible in the community.

I also represent clients petitioning the probate court for the probate of wills and guardianships over incapacitated adults. I assist executors, guardians and trustees in administering the assets of probate, trust and guardianship estates.

The Types of Legal Services I Provide