Long-Term-Care Planning

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Attorney Bickford helps clients to develop and implement long-term-care, Mediciad and estate strategies to meet the challenges of maturing, such as living at home as long as possible and living with memory loss. Attorney Bickford examines each client's living and medical situation and finances and then explains the estate and long-term-care strategy and legal documents to implement that strategy he considers best to meet the clients foreseeable needs.

The majority of us who need long-term nursing-home care will have to apply to Medicaid to pay for our care. Medicaid law is complex and ever changing and innocent mistakes can cause Medicaid denying eligibility and leaving families paying nursing home costs out of their own pockets. This makes knowledge of Medicaid law critical for developing and implementing estate and long term strategies.

Many lawyers can provide you with a trust, will and durable power of attorney, but few know Medicaid law. With Attorney Bickford's knowledge of Medicaid law he can provide you with the documents, strategies and tools you need to live independently for as long as possible and still stay eligible for Medicaid nursing home benefits.